Wakaj - A Traditional Corroboree Experience

2.5 Hours
Broome, Western Australia
Year Round
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Experience the power of a traditional corroboree, storytelling, history, bush foods and much more with Mabu Buru Tours in Broome, Western Australia.

Wakaj, meaning "The coming together of family" is a very unique Indigenous experience provided by Mabu Buru Tours and Yatangal. Enjoy a warm welcome from our cultural and wildlife tour guide Johani Mamid. Then Mervyn Mulardy will greet you before leading the Pintirri Dancers into a corroboree performance which is traditionally known as Maru!

Whilst being immersed in this experience you will taste traditional damper, hear Dreaming stories, song and dance and most importantly connect to the traditional people of this area as they welcome you into their culture and share their family traditions with you. This is a very special experience and one of its kind in the Broome area.


Off the Broome Highway (just before the Malcolm Douglas Crocodile Park entrance)

What to expect

The Pintirri Dancers will take you into the majestic sunset on a journey through the sounds of our traditional Karajarri songs echoing through the surrounding evening bushlands. A well stoked camp fire with tea and coffee will be available paired perfectly with our freshly made damper.

While Maru have a very strong spiritual purpose and connectivity, the performances we deliver are open to the public activities that we conduct at our family gatherings for fun and entertainment. Wakaj is a typical gathering of Johani and Mervyn's family, of which we wish to share with you through this experience.

What to expect:

  • Discussions about Yawuru and Karajarri culture, country and history.
  • Learn about Bugarrigarra (The Dreaming) through stories, song and dance.
  • Damper, tea, coffee and locally made bush honey!

What is included

This tour is conducted on Thursday afternoon's at 3:30 pm and runs for approximately 2.5 hours.

*Corporate and Private Group Bookings possible by enquiry.

**Photography credit Stanley Francis Photography.

Meeting point

The Wakaj access track is approximately 15 kilometres out of Broome on the Broome Highway (just before the Malcolm Douglas Crocodile Park entrance). Keep an eye out for the "Mabu Buru Tours / Wakaj" sign. The access track is approximately 550 metres of dirt track that is easily accessible with a 2 wheel drive vehicle. Just follow the track side signs that will lead you to the carpark area.

What to bring

This is an outdoor experience so please wear whatever you feel comfortable in while outdoors (enclosed footwear, long sleeve shirt, long pants, etc.).While there is plenty of shade, we do suggest to wear whatever type of sun protection you like for your own health and safety.Don't forget your camera and a sense of adventure!


Mabu Buru Tours

Mabu Buru Tours is owned and operated by Johani Mamid, a traditional Yawuru man whose Country is located in and around Broome in the Kimberley region of Western Australia.

Created in 2019, Johani began conducting On-Country cultural experiences. His vision is to help ""build a bridge"" between different cultures, to increase awareness about Aboriginal people and to encourage visitors to experience Country through the eyes of traditional custodians.

Prior to this, Johani was a Yawuru Country Manager Coordinator with Nyamba Buru Yawuru Limited, a not for profit company looking after Country on behalf of the Yawuru Nation. On Country work included flora and fauna surveying, monitoring and research in both land and sea.

Johani is proud to share his knowledge of his Country with visitors, show you the local wildlife and tell stories of the ancient, continuing connection that his people share with this land.

You may spot Johani in Broome as he is also a crocodile wrangler and tour guide at the Malcolm Douglas Crocodile Park where he gets up close and personal with some pretty impressive crocodiles.

Ready for an experience you won't forget?