Finding Yagan Perth Cultural Tour

1 Hour
Boorloo (Perth), Western Australia
Urban Walk
Year Round
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Take a guided walk through the centre of Perth city in Western Australia to discover Yagan Square’s unique artworks, architecture, stories and the connection and importance to the Aboriginal community.

Join Djurandi Dreaming on a cultural walk to learn about Yagan, a Nyungar warrior and resistance fighter for his people and his land. Yagan's resistance to British colonial settlement and rule in the area surrounding what is now Perth, Western Australia.


The Cactus (green sculpture), located in Forrest Chase, Perth, Western Australia.

What to expect

The tour commences at COMO The Treasury Hotel reception, 1 Cathedral Ave, Perth. The walking tour features Perth’s iconic laneways and traditional Dreamtime stories. Learn about the past and present history of the Nyungar people while taking in the sights of the Perth City streets.

Get an in-depth explanation of the Coolbaroo Club, the prohibited zone, and the Stolen Generation.

Our final destination is Perth’s Yagan Square precinct, Wellington Street, Perth. Hear about the Square’s design, unique artwork, and importance to our Aboriginal community.

Learn about the story of Yagan a local resistant warrior and leader of his people who is considered a hero to the Nyungar people.

What is included