Our supporters

Welcome to Country is made possible through the generosity, collaboration and vision of our key supporters.  We would like to acknowledge their commitment to Welcome to Country and the essential role they play in helping us achieve our purpose; to create jobs and positive economic outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.  


 Indigenous Capital Limited

Indigenous Capital Limited (ICL) is a public benevolent institution which was formed in 2003 and is Chaired by Roger Allen AM. ICL's objective is to assist Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island Peoples to attain self-sufficiency and improve economic development through the creation and growth of Indigenous owned businesses. ICL have provided seed funding, mentoring and ongoing support.


 First Australians Capital

First Australians Capital (FAC) aims to alleviate the poverty and disadvantage in life outcomes experienced by Indigenous Australians by building on the strengths and assets of Australia’s first peoples. FAC provided seed funding and initially incubated, developed and provided leadership for the project over a two year period until it was ready to be established as a separate entity.



Westpac – Westpac's Innovation consulting supported the start-up phase with strategy, consultation, and resources including a secondee over a 12 month period. Westpac supported our soft launch event in Darwin in 2019 with resources and funding. 


 Tourism Northern Territory

Tourism Northern Territory (TNT) – have supported us during our launch phase in the NT providing valuable insights to existing and emerging tourism operators. TNT are now providing further support to help us grow the recognition of Aboriginal tourism operators in the NT. 


Philanthropic Family

A private philanthropic family – there is a private philanthropic family who truly believe in our social purpose and they provided support in terms of seed funding. The family wish to remain anonymous.