Aboriginal Astronomy

2 Hours
Gin Gin, Western Australia
Aboriginal Astronomy
Year Round
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Join Indigenous elder, Dr Noel Nannup for an Aboriginal Astronomy session at the Gravity Discovery Centre just north of Perth in Western Australia. Aboriginal people are often credited with being the world’s first astronomers, developing a number of practical ways to observe the Sun, Moon and stars. Observing and interpreting the cosmos is a significant part of most Aboriginal language groups and has been used for navigation, calendars, ceremony, predicting weather, cultural lore, song-lines and art for thousands of years.

During this experience you will sit with Dr Noel Nannup and learn about the Aboriginal dreamtime stories of creation. Enjoy a guided outside laser tour to see a range of interesting targets in the night sky and look through our large telescopes in the observatory at the wonders of our universe.


Gravity Discovery Centre.1098 Military Road, Yeal, Western Australia. 80 kms North from Perth CBD and half way between Two Rocks and Gingin. This trip takes approx 1 hour from Perth.

What to expect

The two hour Aboriginal Astronomy session begins with a 30-40 minute storytelling session with highly respected Aboriginal Elder, Dr Noel Nannup.

Following the storytelling, our Astronomers together with Noel will show you the night sky with an outside laser tour, pointing out interesting targets from both Western Science and Aboriginal perspectives.

Finally there is plenty of time left to look through the telescopes, including the 25” ‘Brodie Hall” telescope.This is an awe inspiring experience, reminding us of how small we really are in the universe.

What is included

Aboriginal Astronomy is a 2 hour experience run in the evening throughout the year on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

The Gravity Discovery Centre is located approximately one hour drive from Perth.

Cost includes:

  • The full 2 hour experience

*Dinner can be included at own expense and booked online.

Planning for your trip

  • Guests should wear warm clothing and flat shoes
  • Tour includes walking and standing for short periods of time

Meeting point

Gravity Discovery Centre - Reception area. 1098 Military Road, Yeal, Western Australia. Please arrive 15 minutes prior to tour start time.

What to bring


Water bottle


Gravity Discovery Centre

The Gravity Discovery Centre and Observatory is a ""hands-on"" Science education, astronomy, Aboriginal culture and tourist centre, situated on the site of the Gravity precinct, near Gingin, north of Perth, Western Australia.

The centre is operated by The Gravity Discovery Centre Foundation Board Inc and provides information and displays regarding physics, astronomy and Australian Aboriginal Culture specialising in gravity and cosmology. The site of the public centre is located in pristine Western Australian bushland.

The Centre offers unique cultural opportunities, guests can attend Aboriginal astronomy sessions, hosted by local Elder, Dr. Noel Nannup. Visitors are introduced to the rich cultural history of Aboriginal stargazing and astronomy.

The Department of Biodiversity Conservation and Attractions manages the bushland surrounding the Discovery Centre and the observatory, and strives to keep the area untouched (from weeds, litter, etc.). The surrounding area is abundant in seasonal wildflowers.

The Gravity Discovery Centre provides something that few other tourist destinations can match, an unparalleled blend