Beagle Bay Cultural History Tour

5 Hours
Rubibi/Broome, Western Australia
Culture & History
April to November
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Travel in air conditioned comfort while learning about the natural boundaries that define language groups as you pass through Country.  Upon arrival in Nyul Nyul Country, Robert will welcome you in language to his Country and share his family history, their connection to Beagle Bay and their involvement in building the mission.

Visit the Sacred Heart Church, renowned for its beautiful pearl shell encrusted altar and learn about the Aboriginal shell carvers who created the intricate pearl shell artworks and shell mosaic floor. Explore the old lemonade factory and the surrounding freshwater springs as Robert shares his knowledge of the local bush foods and medicine plants.

Robert Dann is a Nyul Nyul man, his ancestral tribe is from the Beagle Bay region and, as a Traditional Owner of Winawul Country, the Sandy Point area of Beagle Bay, he is highly regarded and respected in his community.


Travel from Broome to Beagle Bay, Dampier Peninsula