Yuin Cultural Stories on Self Guided E-Bike Tour

Full Day
South Coast, New South Wales
Culture & Nature
Year Round
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Find out more about the spiritual connection to Country on this self-guided, half day e-bike tour on the stunning South Coast of New South Wales. There is no better way to explore the area around Narooma and to reconnect with nature than by e-bike (electric bike). Immerse yourself in nature with minimal impact by simply cycling through it.

The Narooma to Dalmeny Coastal Trail has been inhabited by the local Yuin Nations people dating back many thousands of years due to its abundance of produce and the importance of the spiritual identity of the area. The coast was a place of gathering and ancient middens can be found up and down the South Coast. The area around Narooma and Tilba connects the Yuin people to their spiritual identity including Gulaga the Mother Mountain (Mount Dromedary) and Baranguba (Montague Island) her eldest son. Our local Yuin Nation elder will enthral you with stories as ancient as the trail itself handed down from generation to generation. This incredible experience is not to be missed.


Narooma, New South Wales

What to expect

The tour starts at our shop and from there your self guided tour takes you to the Bar Rock Lookout. This is where you will stop for 45 minutes to meet with our Yuin Nation guide. With views to Gulaga and Baranguba from here the Yuin stories are all the more poignant. We cannot emphasise enough how a trip to Narooma and Tilba would not be complete without connecting the Yuin culture to this area of such intense natural beauty and cultural significance. The words spiritual, immersive, authentic and transformational are words that have been used to describe the storytelling experience.

From here you say goodbye to the Yuin guide and continue self guided to the Narooma Wharf where you may spot giant stingrays, pelicans, fish and sometimes even seals and continuing along the track to the Narooma Bridge with panoramic views across the Wagonga Inlet to Gulaga Mountain in the distance. Look to see if Gulaga is wearing her white possum skin cloak as the stories portray. From here continue on to the Mill Bay Boardwalk and on to the numerous breathtaking beaches all the way to Mummaga Lake in Dalmeny.

At certain times of year you can spot whales breaching (May to November) or dolphins frolicking in the waves. On the return take the track to Fosters Bay and take in the views over the Wagonga Inlet.


Our e-bikes can either be ridden like a normal bike with no assist or adjust the assist to give maximum help. You still have to pedal but the assist helps you to get up hills easily allowing you to enjoy the scenery and ride further. We also have padded gel seats for extra comfort. The e-bikes are so much fun.

One of the most popular trails to ride is the spectacular Narooma to Dalmeny Coastal Trail where you may spot seals, whales and other incredible marine life. There are many more trails around the hinterland of Narooma to suit different fitness levels and time available. Did you know there are trails to Central Tilba, Mystery Bay and around the Wagonga Inlet? The e-bikes make these trails so much easier and are an eco-friendly way to see the beautiful scenery.

What is included

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This includes a 4 hour bike hire and a basic fitness level with cycling experience is essential.
It is suitable for 12 years and above due to height restrictions.
There will be a local Aboriginal elder storytelling.
This tour departs 7 days a week, year round, and operates with a minimum of 4 people and maximum of 6 people.


  • Helmet
  • Backpack
  • Bike Lock
  • Pre-Ride Briefing
  • Vehicle backup support

Meeting point

Southbound Escapes Office, 44 Princes Hwy Narooma, New South Wales

What to bring

  • Closed Shoes
  • Water Bottle
  • Sunscreen
  • Light jacket for cooler weather


Southbound Escapes

Southbound Escapes is a luxury travel company specialising in carefully curated short escapes designed to showcase the very best of the South Coast, with a special consideration for sustainable tourism.

We encourage environmentally conscious travel through bike hire and local tours that explore the natural beauty of our surrounds as well as our incredibly rich culture. Travel by E-bike and Mountain bike helps to reduce carbon emissions, increase physical activity and give our customers the ability to explore the South Coasts pristine natural environment.

Our escapes are experiential and interactive. Our intention is for you to discover the stories of this land from its ancient Aboriginal culture, to its abundant nature and wildlife, to the origins of its delicious cuisine and its clever and passionate producers.

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