Rhoda Roberts AO

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Rhoda Roberts AO our host is Bundjalung from the Widjabul peoples whose unceded lands cross the northern rivers of NSW including the sweet water mountain streams, the rainforest and lush valleys of Nimbin. It was during the 1970 with a new wave of visitors seeking a sanctuary and alternative life that change began to occur. A new dialogue, transpired and there was an interest of the continued language our families spoke, the Bundjalung and their knowledge of the land management, use of plants and there was a desire to have an awareness of the deep connection to Country. It changed the region. For Rhoda was the first Aboriginal to host a prime-time current affairs program in the 1980’s and has continued to work cross the arts and cultural field. The creative sector is a platform that is vital and enables the valuing and fostering of inherited birthrights, enables those uncomfortable conversations and encourages new expressions.

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