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Go on a transformative journey with Becoming One, an immersive cultural education program that celebrates the diversity of identities, languages, and customs in First Nations Australia.

Learn about cultural knowledge and systems, exploring the significance of culture to Aboriginal peoples. Uncover the beauty and depth of cultural practices while addressing critical issues like unconscious bias, stereotyping, and racism.

Through Becoming One, you will delve into historical contexts, understanding the events that led to things like the Reconciliation movement and exploring varying perspectives about "Australia Day".

This program offers a profound exploration of privilege, unconscious bias, and meaningful engagement in the Reconciliation process. It equips participants with tools to embrace diversity and foster a more inclusive society, showcasing the benefits of cultural diversity for all Australians.

Join "Becoming One" and embark on a journey towards understanding, empathy, and meaningful change, shaping a future where cultural diversity thrives.

What is included?

You will be granted access to the program for a duration of 6 weeks from the date you sign up/ purchase. This will be ample time to complete the full modules.

Upon completion of the course you will receive a personalised completion certificate.

The cost of the Cultural Education Program is tiered depending on how many you are purchasing for, please see below:

1-10 People: $199 per person

11-25 People: $149 per person

26-35 People: $125 per person

36-50 People: $105 per person

51-99 People: $85 per person

100-199 People: $65 per person

200+ People: $45 per person

Large Group discounts of 120 people + 15-30% off
School discounts apply, based on numbers.

Please get in touch with us via the Enquire Now button for large group/school discount rates.

We would be happy to assist with this being apart of your organisation's learning. We can arrange a couple ways of including this program, either via embedding the program into your organisation staff onboarding system for large organisations such as Universities. Or, generating unique coupon codes for your staff members/ students to input which will grant each individual their own unique login. Please contact us to Enquire Now.


Kumarninthi Cultural Education

Discover the rich and diverse culture of Australia's First Nations with Kumarninthi Cultural Education, founded by Tjimari Sanderson-Milera, an Aboriginal man from the language groups, Kokatha (West Coast), Narungga (Yorke Peninsula), Kaurna (Adelaide Plains) which are coastal communities in South Australia and Adnyamathanha (Flinders Ranges).

Through his deep connection to his culture, Tjimari has noticed a glaring gap in the Australian education system, where Aboriginal culture with a history dating back 100,000 years is not taught or spoken about, leaving a broken and disconnected society.

At Kumarninthi Cultural Education, we are on a mission to change this by bringing cultural education sessions, art workshops, and cultural tours to schools, organisations and communities across Australia. We strive to share the knowledge, beauty, and significance of Aboriginal culture with the wider community, with a strong emphasis on education for children.

Growing up, Tjimari was heavily involved in his culture through family, dance, and art. This is how he has always remained connected to his culture and continues to do so today.

Unfortunately, when he went through the Australian education system, he found that no one was learning anything about his culture. While everyone was learning about other countries and their languages, Aboriginal culture was never taught or spoken about, and the history of how Australia was founded and built was never properly addressed. Tjimari was determined to change this by founding Kumarninthi Cultural Education, with a mission to share the richness and significance of Aboriginal culture.

The word "Kumarninthi" is from the Kaurna language group, meaning "Becoming One." This embodies our mission at Kumarninthi Cultural Education, where we work towards creating a society where people can become one with Aboriginal culture, history, and values. Our workshops and sessions/programs aim to create awareness and bring a positive shift in perceptions by sharing the beauty and importance of Aboriginal culture. We believe that education is the key to creating a better future for all, starting with the children of today and spanning out to all age groups.

Through our cultural education sessions, we provide children & adults with the opportunity to learn about the oldest continuous living culture in the world, dating back over 100,000 years. Our sessions provide you with the opportunity to connect with Aboriginal culture, learn about the values and beliefs of the First Nations people, and gain a deeper understanding of the significance of Aboriginal culture to Australia's past, present, and future.

We also offer a range of art workshops that provide children with the opportunity to learn about traditional Aboriginal art techniques and create their own unique pieces of art. Our art workshops are led by experienced and passionate artists who are committed to sharing their knowledge and passion for Aboriginal art.

In addition to our cultural education sessions and art workshops, we also offer cultural tours for schools, organisations and communities. Our cultural tours offer participants a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in Aboriginal culture, providing a deep understanding of the significance and beauty of Australia's First Nations people. Led by experienced and knowledgeable guides, our cultural tours showcase the rich history and cultural traditions of Aboriginal communities in South Australia.

Our cultural tours are designed to be interactive and engaging, allowing participants to experience the true essence of Aboriginal culture. Participants will have the opportunity to learn about traditional stories and customs, and gain a deeper understanding of the values and beliefs of Australia's First Nations people.

At Kumarninthi Cultural Education, we are working towards creating a better future for all, starting with education.

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