Australia's first native rooftop farm.

Yerrabingin is a visionary start-up that disrupts conventional approaches to Aboriginal disadvantage while creating intergenerational capital for future generations to thrive. Yerrabingin is taking the first steps into rehabilitating threatened species, including bush tucker, Australian botanicals and medicinal plants. We educate, employ and entertain, while helping refresh Australia’s natural palette.

The farm is host to events each month including workshops focusing on Aboriginal culture, native permaculture, environmental sustainability, physical and mental health and well-being.

Yerrabingin was co-founded by Christian Hampson in 2018, envisioning a new way of disrupting Aboriginal disadvantage; by interweaving Indigenous tacit knowledge and collaborative design thinking. Yerrabingin sought to walk a new path, away from conventional approaches, to create new opportunities for intergenerational capital for future Indigenous generations to thrive. After more than a year of collaboration with Mirvac and multiple community networks, Yerrabingin launched their first project in April 2019: a community, Indigenous rooftop farm in the heart of Eveleigh in Sydney, looking to create more opportunities for their people to use their innate skills for environmentalism, education, entertainment and more.

Yerrabingin using the principles of Indigenous knowledge, collaborative design and permaculture to create and maintain the world’s first Indigenous rooftop farm for urban food production.

Located high above Sydney on the roof of Yerrabingin House, we’ve grown over 2,000 edible, medicinal or cultural plants. These will be delivered to restaurants around the South Eveleigh community and greater city, encouraging a renewed uptake and understanding of delicious, native bush tucker.

Yerrabingin also offer workshops on Aboriginal culture, native permaculture, environmental sustainability, physical and mental health, and well-being at the rooftop facility. Yerrabingin were recently awarded the Delicious Outstanding Native Producer as judged by Australia's top chefs and Australian Institute of Horticulture for their innovative design and contribution to education connected to Indigenous land management and cultural plant knowledge.