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One Journey, With Many Destinations

Welcome to Wooramulla Eco Cultural Journeys, owned by Rennee Turner, a proud Yinggarda woman. Wooramulla Eco Cultural Journeys was born out of a lifelong dream and passion, a passion for Yinggarda heritage and culture, a passion for Country... the landscapes, the plants and the animals, and most of all, a passion for sharing this connection to Country and culture with visitors to the region.

“For as long as I can remember, I’ve been taking friends and visitors to the places that I love, the places that I feel most connected to my ancestors and country. Now I get to live out my dream every day” - Rennee Turner

At the centre is our passion for sharing our culture and knowledge with the world. Radiating out from this are a range of journeys and experiences that are conducted on Country to showcase the beauty of Yinggarda Country and offer visitors to the region a truly immersive experience and understanding of Yinggarda culture.

Wooramulla Eco Cultural Journeys has a team of Aboriginal guides and offer range of tours including:

  • Tagalong Town Tour
  • Town/Bee Tour
  • Mingah Munda at the prehistoric landscapes of Mundatharrda (Kennedy Ranges)
  • Seasonal Tours
  • Star Story Tours

Family and sharing is central to Yinggarda culture.

Sharing stories and passing on knowledge generation after generation has kept our culture alive and strong for tens of thousands of years. Today, we are proud to share our ancient culture with people from all over the world. Our cultural protocols run deep and respect for cultural knowledge and sacred places requires that in some places, visitors are accompanied by a culturally appropriate guide.

    Gwoonwardu Gudu Town Tag Along
    Gwoonwardu Gudu Town Tag Along
    Gwoonwardu Gudu Town Tag Along
    Gwoonwardu Gudu Town Tag Along

    Gwoonwardu Gudu Town Tag Along

    3 Hours Carnarvon, Western Australia Culture & Nature Year round
    Join your Yinggarda guide for a three-hour introduction to the cultural side of Carnarvon, Western Australia. Tag along in your vehicle as Rennee takes you to visit various sites across Gwoonwardu. Journey with the convoy, hearing Rennee share her story more
    from $125 per adult
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