Ange Jeffrey

Ange Jeffery is a Wiradjuri artist who grew up on Country in central west NSW, with Wambuul (Macquarie River) having a lasting influence and inspiration on her art practice.

Ange is now based in southwest Victoria on the Eastern Maar traditional lands.

Ange has an environmental science background and balances her technical ability with creative pursuits. She is a mixed media artist with a particular interest in jewellery and body adornment.

Ange’s values are represented in her work and preference for using responsibly sourced materials, including collected and recycled natural and manmade items.

Her work is organic, combining her Culture with contemporary techniques and objects.

"Making something is only part of the experience for me. It reaches completion when I see someone wearing my jewellery, and I can tell how much they love it."

Ange specialises in creating stunning woven and metal jewellery, drawing inspiration from traditional methods and designs but integrating this with her own personal and contemporary flare, resulting in expressive and powerful pieces.

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