Alana is a Meriam woman (Torres Strait Islander), who has only ever lived on mainland Australia. She has a deep respect and pride in calling herself an Australian, locally, nationally and internationally, as she knows there are many wisdoms and strengths within this continent. Traditional Custodians from many nations enliven these ways of Knowing, Being and Doing.

Alana grew up on Bundjalung country (North Coast NSW) and moved to Wurundjeri country (Melbourne, VIC) over 15 years ago with her partner and two sons. She has worked in two levels of government, and has been slowly edging towards directing her energy in places she wants to contribute to, in System Re-setting and sharing Wayapa Wuurrk.

Wayapa is a wellness modality that enables the transmission of intergenerational wellbeing by deepening our individual and collective reciprocity with our shared Mother; Mother Earth. With 14 readily recognised elements and a movement sequence it is a simple yet powerful species centred intervention for some of the complex challenges we face today across the planet.

As a regenerative practitioner, Alana appreciates that the systems within the skin, radiating all the way out to planetary health as part of the solar system, really light her up! Following bi-thalamic strokes in 2012 (the part of the brain that maintains homeostasis or function in the body) Alana has a simple yet profound way of keeping it real, beautiful and evolving - principles of a living system!

Alana detonated a love bomb on Valentines Day, 2020. Leaving the security of full time employment to invest fully in a nourishing mash of cultural regeneration, system resetting and Wayapa as an intentional expression of what makes her heart sing. She is excited to connect with you!

    Head, Hearts and Hands: Systems of Knowing, Being and Doing
    Head, Hearts and Hands: Systems of Knowing, Being and Doing

    Head, Hearts and Hands: Systems of Knowing, Being and Doing

    2 Hours Online Experience Wellness Year Round
    The way we understand, express and experience life is through our systems of Knowing, Being and Doing. As humans we have a unique ability to not only recognise patterns but to also generate new, intentional ways of knowing, being and more
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