Why a cultural immersion should be on your travel bucket list

Why a cultural immersion should be on your travel bucket list

Everyone has a travel bucket list, that impossibly gorgeous list of fantasy destinations and experiences.  It usually involves travelling the globe, visiting cities and countries, one exotic location to the next. We see ourselves swinging in a hammock on a tropical beach; paintbox blue water, white sands and palm trees gently rustling in the island breeze. Or trekking deep into the lush, hot, wet rainforest, ancient trees towering above, birds calling and a bubbling stream leading to a spectacular waterfall. Dining al fresco on exquisite local foods under a star filled sky or flying high above devastating mountains, valleys and gorges on a private scenic flight. Now what if I told you, you could have all these incredible experiences right here in Australia.

 Explore East Arnhem Land and Yolŋu Homelands with Lirriwi Tourism and discover pristine secluded white sandy beaches ringed by palm trees and lapped by warm blue waters. Or fly high above the vast lush green expanse of Kakadu with Venture North. Or slow down and make time with the family, sit by a babbling billabong learning to weave and tasting bush foods with Pudakul Aboriginal Cultural Tours.

Climb sacred Gulaga Mountain with Ngaran Ngaran Culture Awareness and look across the breathtaking valleys and ridges below.  Go to where the rainforest meets the sea and time seems to stand still with Culture Connect. See a thousand shades of yellow, orange, red and purple as the sunsets over the Ikara - Flinders Ranges at Wilpena Pound Resort. Walk the raggedly beautiful Tasmanian coast line on the Wukalina Walk.

All these experiences are amazing travel adventures but when you add they let you immerse yourself in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture they become life changing experiences. A cultural immersion is the act of surrounding yourself with the culture of a place. Staying with a family in a community or sharing a meal with locals; listening, laughing and learning. An immersion is an easy and deeply satisfying way to have an extraordinary travel experience that leaves you with a completely new perspective and experience of Australia.

Cultural immersions celebrate the people, language and traditions that make each culture and place unique. They create connections between travellers and locals, and foster the exchange of ideas and experiences. Moving beyond the simple physical aspects of travel and creating a true connection. 

 Enough travel envy? Good. Now bookmark this, let your imagination run wild and let us help you plan your dream itinerary. 

Visit: welcometocountry.com/collections/immersions to start planning now. 

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