Spirits of the Red Sand - Welcome to Country Daytime Experience

1.5 Hours
Meeanjin (Brisbane), Queensland
Culture & History
Year Round
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Connect with the world’s oldest living culture as you are led by your Aboriginal guide to participate in all aspects of traditional Aboriginal culture.

Now, for the first time in Australia, you as visitors and locals can experience the ancient ceremony of Welcome to Country & Acknowledgment of Country within the environment of a pre – European Aboriginal Village. Not just a quick few words, but an amazing journey that allows you to feel Dreamtime in an interactive theatre, learn of and carry the message stick of acceptance to the elder of the village, go through the soul-cleansing smoking ceremony, feel the vibe of the world’s oldest continuous living culture to the sounds of the didgeridoo, ancient chants, dance and songs of the land. The only experience that brings you up close and personal with us, the Aboriginal people of Australia.

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Beenleigh Historical Village - 205 Main Street, Beenleigh, Queensland.