Spectacular Jumping Crocodile Cruise

1 Hour
Gulumerrdgen (Darwin), Northern Territory
Year Round
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Spectacular Jumping Crocodile Cruise offers travellers an hour long experience viewing mysterious and powerful crocodiles in their natural habitat. Enjoy a guided river cruise where you will get up close with these ancient creatures and our friendly crew will show you a range of different sized crocodiles as they leap spectacularly in the air. You will also learn about crocodile biology, territorial habitats and their value to the ecosystem.  In addition to seeing some of the largest crocodiles in the wild you will also experience a variety of Northern Territory birdlife. This experience really is a photographer’s delight.


2915 Arnhem Highway, Wak Wak

What to expect

Spectacular Jumping Crocodile Cruises runs from the traditional lands of the local Limilngan-Wulna people and is owned by the Arirrki Aboriginal Corporation, with all profits from this business returned to the Lalara Clan (Groote Eylandt).

We aim to protect the area through low impact and sustainable use. Our new modern facilities include accessible amenities and a two story viewing platform that offers 270 degree views of the surrounding river and flood plains for bird watching.

Our boats are purpose built with seating facing outwards toward the action. Our guides enjoy sharing their passion for wildlife with our guests, and our emphasis is on safety.

In 1971 the Australian saltwater crocodile, believed to be facing extinction, was declared a protected species. Crocodiles had been extensively hunted by European settlers for more than 50 years due to the value of their skin. ​Crocodile hunting was eventually banned in the early 1970’s and crocodile numbers have now recovered to sustainable numbers. As an alternative to hunting, a Crocodile Hunter named Stephan, started the Original Jumping Crocodile Cruise to earn a living, here on the Adelaide River, Northern Territory. Today he has retired but