On Country Workshop with Nayri Niara and Mana O Kahiko

Full day
kunanyi/Mt Wellington
Culture & Nature
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Ruth Langford and Kumu Pa'a Kawika guide an immersive day on-country and explore the healing of connection to Country. Come and experience the knowledge, history, and genealogy of these ancient cultures that are preserved in dance, chant, song, and stories.

Ruth and Kumu will share the many significant values of traditional culture welcoming all who are inspired to learn and connect to Country and her healing traditions.

The ancestral knowledge of our people was handed from generation to generation through an oral tradition, students were chosen and placed into a school of learning; from that moment forward the student lived the teachings of their ancestors.

Knowledge, history, and genealogy are preserved throughout time in dance, chant, song, and stories. On the island of Molokai, Hawaii from the valley of Halawa, this cultural practice is still alive.


kunanyi/Mt Wellington

What to expect

  • Workshop runs from 10am - 4pm.
  • Morning tea is included.
  • You will need to make your own way to kunanyi/Mt Wellington.


Nayri Niara

Nayri Niara is an Aboriginal owned social enterprise housed at the LongHouse, Nipaluna/Hobart.

We use our space to celebrate community, cultural and WellBeing events, workshops and Urban Retreats. We also offer the LongHouse for private events where we can provide cultural experiences, nutritional and medicinal food offerings, space styling or simply the LongHouse space for you to personalise to suit your event.

Our Home HEARTh Market is a unique opportunity for connection through experience and workshops, stalls and tasters of food, beverage and art celebrating the traditional, medicinal; nutritional (body and soul), with depth, heart and meaning.

The Nayri Niara Good Spirit Festival is a three-day gathering of music, ceremony, knowledge sharing and arts, held in a stunning cultural landscape that is lunawunna alonnah, Bruny Island, Tasmania.The Festival is a powerful opportunity for Indigenous and non-Indigenous people to share knowledge and ceremony, honouring ancient traditions ; contemporary innovation.

The Nayri Niara Good Spirit Festival hosts an amazing array of musicians, dancers, healers and teachers to explore and connect Indigenous, earth-based living, wellbeing; healing wisdom.

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