Nayri Niara good spirit Festival

3 Days & 2 Nights
lunawuni (Bruny Island), Tasmania
Cultural Immersion
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You are invited to gather at The Nayri Niara Good Spirit Festival from 22 - 25 April held in a stunning cultural landscape that is lunawuni, Bruny Island, Tasmania.

The Festival is a three-day gathering of music, ceremony, knowledge sharing and arts and is a powerful opportunity for Indigenous and non-Indigenous people to share knowledge and ceremony. Coming together at the event connecting culturally , honouring ancient traditions and to creating new ones through cross-cultural collaboration.


lunawuni/Bruny Island

What to expect

The Nayri Niara Good Spirit Festival hosts an amazing array of musicians, dancers, healers and teachers to explore and connect Indigenous, earth-based living, wellbeing and healing wisdom.

Important elements of the Festival:

  • Honour past and present Aboriginal Custodians and create opportunities for them to safely share and create
  • Establish and continue to build upon relationships in diverse communities
  • Promote emotional, spiritual and physical healing through exposure to local, national and international health and wellbeing initiatives
  • Encourage local and ethical economic growth through promoting local business and artists
  • Increase a greater participation in community arts whilst providing skill development opportunities for existing and emerging practitioners
  • Fulfil our cultural obligations to care for Country through enhancing people's awareness of practices which honour all life
  • Promoting and celebrating lutruwita/Tasmania as an icon of innovation and creativity


Opening Ceremony
As cultural practitioners, the intention for the opening ceremony is one of allowing the Country to hold us, and heal inclusively. The extended narrative will be one of initiation for up and coming practitioners. To create an understanding that our ancestral lines kanaplila/dance and sing through us. Also to experience ancestral knowledge from a diverse range of cultures and disciplines. The opening ceremony has the intent to ignite the flow of spiritual exploration and discover an ancestral strength. Dadirri-to breathe into ourselves and access the flow of intrinsic strength from each and everyone's bloodlines.

Manganna Stage
We call the Yellow Crest Black Cockatoo’s, Mangannas. Our Festival sits at the feet of the majestic mountain named Mount Manganna. We remember the Snr Elder, healer and leader of the Nueonne, Manganna, who stood with his KIN as dignified and sovereign people when Cook arrived. At the Manganna stage we soar with the vibrance of music and raw energy, we explore with depth, power and immensity of knowledge from First Nations and world wisdom traditions through workshops and speakers panels. The Manganna will guide us to open and deepen our journey to act in right relationship and connection to life. At Manganna stage you’ll find your KINdred spirits.

Wellbeing Village
Variety is the spice of life. To provide festival goers, artists and crew the opportunity to experience a variety of wellbeing experiences. There is a range of paid and free experiences including one on one sessions with healing practitioners, individual and group self-directed activities and workshops.

Tin Camp Studio
Tin Camp Studios provide a safe and welcoming space to share stories. This could be through song, dance, spoken word or whatever form feels right. The studios are constructed from salvaged materials and modeled on typical 1950s Aboriginal housing that could be found on the fringe of countless Australian townships.

Children's Village
This space, along with trusted hosts, will lead young participants through activities that allow children to learn, express themselves and create through play, collaboration and conversation. The space celebrates our individual abilities and expression and shares them within a supportive environment.

Story Dome
The intention of “Story Dome 22” is an invitation into a deep listening journey. A space to express the unspoken and to share in story and words. Where respect is given to the healing potential of having our stories spoken, and heard. Ceremonially created, the Story Dome opens up a sacred space to listen and write, offering a rich program of poetry, spoken word, auditory art, live performance and film.

Nara Mapali - Inclusive Circle
The nara mapali - they/them circle is a space for non-binary and genderqueer people to share stories, create movement, sing, be still and connect both with Country and each other. It will be a place for those people who fit outside the binary to share knowledge in a safe and supported environment. We will explore healing through multiple modes and draw strength from Country and our ancestors.

Men’s Circle
KINship and Connection : How to realise our potential in the modern society. As Nita’s/Brothers our first intention in this space is to listen to each other, to accept the many life journeys that place us in this space, in this moment. To understand a deeper connection to self and to Country. To draw on ancient knowledge and also each other's strength to build better character.

What is included

The Festival runs for 2 days and 2 nights

The Program will commence 5:00pm Friday evening and Opening Ceremony will start around 8:00pm. The official Festival program is planned to finish at 3:00pm on the Sunday.


Discounts available for Aboriginal Community Members Bruny Islanders

Arrival and Entry
Please bring your printed or digital ticket and photo ID with you and present at the gates. On arrival at the festival you will be issued with a wristband that must be kept on for the duration of the festival and presented to crew on the gates when exiting and re-entering the festival site.

  • Gates will be open between 2pm - 9pm Friday so that people can settle into Country and set up camp.
  • Gates will reopen Saturday from 8am - 7pm. The official Festival program is planned to finish at 3pm.
  • Campers are welcome to stay, unwind and take that extra time to soak up the good spirit of Country and Community or to pack up and return home. All campers are asked to please leave the site by 11am Monday

Planning your trip

Getting There - Bruny Island Ferry
Nayri Niara is pleased to partner with Sealink Bruny to make your travelMonth to our Festival as quick and easy as possible. As it will be a Public Holiday long weekend please expect delays. We ask for your section_culturalConsideration to all Ferry staff who are working hard to help get you there and back in a timely manner. Ferries run several times everyday, please view the timetable -

Metro Tas runs a public bus service between Hobart and the Ferry Terminal at Kettering. For more info see here -

We will be running two (2) mini bus transfers per day between the Bruny Island Ferry Terminal and the festival site for those wishing to come over on the ferry by foot. This is a cheaper option and will likely be quicker as there is often a line for the ferry at peak times. Bookings are essential - please send your name, contact number and number of travelMonthlers to

Food and Drink
There will be several onsite food options available for purchase. You are also welcome to BYO cooking gear (NO open flames though) and prepare your own food. Please note: NO GLASS is permitted onsite. We will supply drinking water, but you will need to bring your own clearly marked containers and bottles to refill. Please note that this is a ZERO WASTE event, so you MUST take all rubbish and recycling away with you. Please bring your own crockery and cutlery to reduce packaging onsite.

Cash - Bring it with you
There is only one ATM on Bruny Island at the Adventure Bay Store, 40 min drive from Festival, so please make sure that you bring enough cash with you for any food, drinks, healing treatments, art, craft, CDs or other merchandise that you might be tempted by.

Alcohol and other substances
THIS IS A DRUG AND ALCOHOL FREE EVENT. We are keen to create a supportive and nourishing environment for all festival goers to enjoy. We ask that people please refrain from bringing alcohol and drugs onsite throughout the Festival. Anyone exhibiting negative behaviour, which affects others, WILL be asked to leave the festival.

Camping is included in all full weekend tickets. If you plan to camp, please ensure that you bring everything you need with you, including: tents, bedding, torches, cooking gear (no open flames), water bottles, and warm clothing.

Natural Hazards
Please be aware that we are on a bush block and there may be snakes, jack jumpers, bees and wasps in the area. Please stay within the festival grounds and be aware of wildlife around you. If you, or someone with you, has an allergy to bites and stings, please ensure you are prepared with your own epipen or other suitable remedy.

Respecting our Neighbours
We are very grateful to be able to invite you to this beautiful land in Cloudy Bay. Please respect the festival site and our neighbours, by ensuring that noise is kept to a minimum, all drive ways and areas in front of houses are kept clear, people are treated with respect and that you take all rubbish and other materials away with you.

Intimate Cultural Experience
Keep an eye out for one of our Intimate Cultural Experiences planned for Friday 22nd of March, please check out our website & facebook event for updates regarding times and meeting point.

The festival site has limited access to phone signal. We recommend downloading your ticket before you arrive.

Meeting point

lunawunna alonnah, Bruny Island

What to bring

Camping gear - tent, bedding etc
Cooking and equirpement (if required)
Spare clothing
Walking shoes
Water bottle
Wet gear


Nayri Niara

Nayri Niara is an Aboriginal owned social enterprise housed at the LongHouse, Nipaluna/Hobart.

We use our space to celebrate community, cultural and WellBeing events, workshops and Urban Retreats. We also offer the LongHouse for private events where we can provide cultural experiences, nutritional and medicinal food offerings, space styling or simply the LongHouse space for you to personalise to suit your event.

Our Home HEARTh Market is a unique opportunity for connection through experience and workshops, stalls and tasters of food, beverage and art celebrating the traditional, medicinal; nutritional (body and soul), with depth, heart and meaning.

The Nayri Niara Good Spirit Festival is a three-day gathering of music, ceremony, knowledge sharing and arts, held in a stunning cultural landscape that is lunawunna alonnah, Bruny Island, Tasmania.The Festival is a powerful opportunity for Indigenous and non-Indigenous people to share knowledge and ceremony, honouring ancient traditions ; contemporary innovation.

The Nayri Niara Good Spirit Festival hosts an amazing array of musicians, dancers, healers and teachers to explore and connect Indigenous, earth-based living, wellbeing; healing wisdom.

Ready for an experience you won't forget?