3 Day Urban Retreat with Nayri Niara and Mana O Kahiko

3 Days
nipaluna (Hobart), Tasmania
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Come together in an inclusive, ancestral charged three days in a unity of Nayri Niara and Mana O Kahiko in nipaluna/Hobart. This gathering of Indigenous ancestral knowledge and wisdom will be shared in the comfort and warmth of the Longhouse.

We invite you to bring your family, bring your friends and engage in a series of workshops dedicated to the preservation of traditional healing practices. Take it into your life, take it into your relationships, your social spaces and receive direction on how to fulfil your purpose, through the enlightened and inspired teachings of your ancestors.




Wednesday 9th November
Traditional Healing Foundation
9.30am - 5pm
Join Kumu Pa’a Kawika for a day's workshop on the foundations of traditional Hawaiian healing practices in our first Urban Workshop at the Longhouse. Come explore the Indigenous understandings of true healing. Traditional healing foundation - the 8 Pillars that make an unshakeable foundation for life. It takes us into the realms of Spirit, the importance of pūle - prayer, and what means to live aloha. A lesson in unconditional love for self and others.

Thursday 10th November
Traditional Healing Foundation
9.30am - 5pm
The second day of Traditional Healing Foundation - in-depth to the process and practices of our ancestors that form this foundation and align us to these teachings. What to do when we find ourselves blocked or unhappy and how to implement traditional values and ways of being into the way we live and work in healing today. Kumu Kawika will begin to explore healing touch and the true power of forgiveness.

Friday 11th November
Ho'oponopono : Practices of Forgiving
9.30am - Noon
In a powerhouse final workshop we close with a deep dive exploration into traditional ho'oponopono. Discover the multi-layered processes and practices in building happy, healthy relationships.

Indigenous Medicines Therapy - Modern Application & Principles
6pm - 8.30pm
An open invitation to join Nayri Niara and Mana O Kahiko for an evening of First Nations Ceremonies and Protocols with Mana O Kahiko & Ruth Langford.

What is included

  • 3 day program as per Itinerary
  • Lunch every day is included.
  • Accommodation is not included.


Nayri Niara

Nayri Niara is an Aboriginal owned social enterprise housed at the LongHouse, Nipaluna/Hobart.

We use our space to celebrate community, cultural and WellBeing events, workshops and Urban Retreats. We also offer the LongHouse for private events where we can provide cultural experiences, nutritional and medicinal food offerings, space styling or simply the LongHouse space for you to personalise to suit your event.

Our Home HEARTh Market is a unique opportunity for connection through experience and workshops, stalls and tasters of food, beverage and art celebrating the traditional, medicinal; nutritional (body and soul), with depth, heart and meaning.

The Nayri Niara Good Spirit Festival is a three-day gathering of music, ceremony, knowledge sharing and arts, held in a stunning cultural landscape that is lunawunna alonnah, Bruny Island, Tasmania.The Festival is a powerful opportunity for Indigenous and non-Indigenous people to share knowledge and ceremony, honouring ancient traditions ; contemporary innovation.

The Nayri Niara Good Spirit Festival hosts an amazing array of musicians, dancers, healers and teachers to explore and connect Indigenous, earth-based living, wellbeing; healing wisdom.

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