Arts Trail Itinerary

Uluru to Darwin Arts Trail Itinerary

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Route: Red Centre (Uluru & Alice) – Rainbow Valley– Katherine – Kakadu/Arnhemland – Darwin – Tiwi                                                                          

Day 1
Uluru and Surrounds

Dot Painting Experience - Maruku Arts
The fun and organic dot painting workshop in the township of Yulara, Uluru will bring out your inner artist. You will be taught by a local Anangu artist, you’ll learn about traditional art, symbols, tools, our language and more. Be inspired by the ancient ways of the desert and create your very own work of art to treasure. Through the workshops our artists will share a part of their culture with you, so you can learn and create something to take away with you. The workshop does not enable you to do dot painting on a professional level, but will leave you with a greater understand of Aboriginal culture and art.

From $72
Tour runs: April - September 11:30am and 2:00pm
October - March 10:30am and 1:30pm


SEIT Patji Tour - SEIT Outback Australia
Experience the landscape that has inspired artworks for thousands of years. See first hand the vivid red earth, bright blue sky and incredible Uluru. Come away with an entirely new understanding of the striking beauty and cultural significance of this landscape. SEIT Patji offers you an exclusive opportunity to join Traditional Owners, the Uluru family, on their homelands. Truly experience this Country, discover its cultural significance to Aboriginal art and learn about the rich history of this landscape.

From $294
Tour runs: From April – October runs afternoons departing between 1:00pm – 2:00pm. From November – March runs mornings departing at 7:00am.

Day 2
Drive to Alice via Rainbow Valley - 502 kms (approx. 5.5 hours)

Rainbow Valley Walking Tour - Rainbow Valley Cultural Tours
Is not only a photographer’s delight Rainbow Valley is a living art gallery.  The valley is at its most spectacular in the early morning or late afternoon light when its colours change; red, orange to purple. The area is rich in Aboriginal art especially around the hills and ridges where multiple rock art paintings, rock carvings (Petroglyphs), and grinding stones site can be found. Join Ricky Orr from Rainbow Valley Cultural Tours and learn the stories behind this living gallery. Ricky is a descendant of the Southern Arrernte/Luritja people the Traditional Owners of the Wurre (Rainbow Valley) and can not only show you art sites never before open to the public but will explain their cultural significance.

From $120
Tour runs: 2pm – after sunset daily

Drive Rainbow Valley to Alice 105km (approx. 1. 5 hours)

Day 3
Alice Springs and Surrounds
From Alice drive to Hermannsberg - 126 kms (approx. 1.5 hours)

Hermannsberg Historic Precinct - Hermannsburg Historic Precinct
Hermannsberg Historic Precinct is rich in art history and the home to two iconic art movements. Albert Namatjira was the pioneer of the Hermannsburg school of watercolourists at Ntaria (Hermannsburg). Many artists from the Hermannsburg community and region continue to practise using the watercolour and landscape style developed and popularised by Namatjira. The precinct is also the home of The Hermannsburg Potters. The Potters are a group of Western Arrarnta artists working in the hand-coil and pinch technique. The artists build small and large terracotta pots which often feature an iconic sculptural lid referencing elements or characters in the painted body of their pots.

From $10
Tour Runs: Anytime

Drive from Hermannsberg to Standley Chasm - 95 kms (approx. 1 hour)

Angkerle Cultural Experience - Standley Chasm
Explore Angkerle Atwatye (Standley’s Chasm) a significant Women’s Dreaming site on a half day tour. Join your local Aboriginal guide to learn about the deep understanding the Western Arrernte people have of the local plant and animal life, and their spiritual connection to this ancient environment. Following your guided walk, you will participate in a painting workshop, which explains traditional dot painting techniques and symbolism, and gives you the chance to create your own dot painting art work to take home.

From $90
Tour runs: 11am daily

Drive from Standley Chasm back to Alice - 50kms (approx. 40 minutes)

Day 4
Drive from Alice to Katherine - 1177kms (approx. 11 hr 40 min drive)

Day 5
Katherine and Surrounds

Aboriginal Cultural Experience - Top Didj
Join artist Manuel Pamkal, a Dalabon man, for a hands-on master class in Rarrk (cross-hatching) painting. Manual began paint at 15 when his father taught him the traditional techniques and dreamtime stories. During this lesson you will learn the techniques behind Rarrk, see the traditional fine brush made from billabong reeds and hear the stories associated with the style and elements of the art.

From $80
Tour runs twice daily at 9.30am and 2.30pm from 1 May – 31 October


Djilpin Arts + Beswick Falls Tour - Djilpin Arts
Have a truly exclusive and intimate art experience with Dilpin Arts. Spectacular Beswick Falls is only accessible with local guides and the world famous Blanasi Collection can only be seen at Dilpin Arts Gallery. Join one of the tours to spend the afternoon walking, swimming or fishing and soaking up the ancient stories of this magical place. The local guides will also take you through the gallery to explore the unparalleled Blanasi Collection. A permanent showcase of culturally significant art works in the West Arnhem painting style, curated by late Elder and Dijeridu Master, David Blanasi.

From $225
Tour runs: Full day experience - Overnight accommodation available.


Nitmiluk – 30kms from Katherine

NitNit Dreaming Two Gorge Tour – Nitmiluk
The photo opportunity of a life time, NitNit Dreaming Two Gorge Tour will see you cruise through the raw beauty of the vast Katherine Gorge escapement. Be dwarfed by the gorge walls and large boulders, discover the golden sands and deep green rock pools. The Jawoyn people believe the rainbow serpent ‘Bolung’ who created the gorge in the Dreamtime resides in these deep green pools. The Hanging Garden is a magnificent sight, this lush green garden literally hangs from the gorge walls creating an other worldly experience only heightened by the cultural significance of this place.

From $98
Tour Runs: Via Enquiry


Multi Day Tag Along 4wd Camping Tour- Watjan Tours
Imagine water so still, clear and deep it creates its own upside-down world. Capture the perfect bush reflection on the magnificent Daly River or paint the endless Top End skies reflected in the shining waters of the wetlands. Join Watjan Guided Tours and see how the natural beauty of this Country intermingled with Aboriginal culture will turn your view of this Country upside down.

From $349
Tour Runs: Via Enquiry

Day 6
Kakadu and Arnhem Land
Drive from Katherine to Kakadu - via Pine Creek - 152 km (approx. 2 hours)

If you are looking for an extended immersive experience Venture North Safaris and Lirriwi Tourism offer multiple day on Country tours.

Five Day Kakadu, Arnhem Land and Cobourg Peninsula Tour - Venture North Safaris
Visit two of the world’s best rock art sites during this five-day adventure with Venture North. Experience Injalak Hill and Art Centre, follow your local Aboriginal guide through numerous rock art shelters that have been home to Kunwinjku people since time immemorial. The shelters and rock walls are decorated with thousands of ochre paintings and your guide will explain the stories associated with these art works. Then wander through the Art Centre to see and buy contemporary art works from Gunbalanya Artists.  Then you will visit Ubirr and see the spectacular examples of West Arnhem Land x-ray art. Most of the x-ray paintings in this gallery are from the freshwater period, within the last 1,500 years. The main gallery at Ubirr also contains examples of Contact Art, images of the Creation Ancestors and an image of the extinct thylacine or Tasmanian tiger.

From $3590
Tour Runs: Via Enquiry


Crossing Country - Yolŋu Dhukarr - Lirrwi Tourism
See how art permeates Yolŋu community life in Arnhem Land. Spend five days living as part of a small family community on Yolŋu Homeland. During you stay you will not only see art but participate in it too. See beautiful weavings, learn traditional weaving techniques and try your hand at making a mat or basket. Go out on Country and learn how the Yidaki (didgeridoo) is made and played and get your dancing shoes on and learn, then perform Bunggul a traditional dance.

From $2399
Tour Runs: Via Enquiry 

Day 7
Darwin & Surrounds
Drive from Kakadu to Darwin – 151km (approx. 1.5 hours)

Litchfield Tour - Northern Territory Indigenous Tours
With its spectacular waterfalls, crystal clear pools, dramatic gorges and lush green rainforests Litchfield National Park is like stepping into a landscape painting. Bring this magnificent landscape to life on an Aboriginal guided day tour. Northern Territory Indigenous Tours will not only show you stunning scenery, you will discover the spiritual importance of the waterfalls and stone country, ancient rainforest and unspoilt woodland, and their places in the Aboriginal cultural landscape.

From $249
Tour Runs: Multiple days - check availability


Yingana Arnhem Land Day Tour - Top End Day Tours
The only day tour to the incredible Injalak Hill in Arnhem Land. The immense main gallery is an over whelming and awe-inspiring rock art experience.  Yingana the Creation Mother, a cardinal Dreamtime figure for the Bininj, features in the adjacent galleries along with Andungun an evil spirit who kills and eats people. The rock art on Injalak Hill reveals facets of Pre-Estuarine, Estuarine and Contact periods identifying them as between 100 and 8,000 years old. Injalak Hill is one of the most concentrated rock art sites in the world, with art works depicting Dreamtime, ceremony, lore, ‘Early Contact’ and many other cultural aspects inherent to Aboriginal history and culture.

From $279
Tour runs: Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday


On Country Two Night Experience + Kakadu - Pudakul Aboriginal Cultural Tours
Have a relaxing hands-on art experience and enjoy all the quintessential elements of the Top End. Sit in the shade by a billabong and learn about different Aboriginal art styles, try weaving and learn bark painting techniques. And have your very own piece of art to take home. On this 2-day one night tour you will also take in wildlife, spectacular country, river cruises and multiple rock art sites.

From $909
Tour Runs: Via Enquiry


Tiwi by Design - SeaLink Northern Territory
A hidden gem right on Darwin's door step, The Tiwi Islands are an art lovers delight.  There are three major art centres Tiwi Design, Jilamara Arts & Crafts Association and Munupi Arts & Crafts Association on the islands. Tiwi artists work across a variety of mediums, including paintings, sculptures, ceramics, screen-printed fabrics, etchings, lino prints and jewellery. Tiwi art has a distinct style, geometric patterns featuring straight and cross-hatched lines, arcs, circles and dots. On the tour you'll experience an exclusive ‘behind-the-scenes’ screen printing session with Tiwi artists. And have the unique opportunity to create your own Tiwi style art piece; a T-shirt, tea towel or length of fabric to take home with you as a special memento.

From $349
Tour runs: Monday, Thursday and Friday