Kingfisher Tours


Kingfisher Tours embraces the adventure of the Kimberley region with our luxurious and exciting tour experiences. From the sub-Saharan landscapes of the Bungle Bungle Range to the sub-tropical oasis’ found between grand gorges in hues of red and orange, right out to the exquisite turquoise waters of the Northern Kimberley coast. With Kingfisher Tours, you have the opportunity to experience the uncommon beauty of these landscapes by air, land and sea on our plane, 4WD and boat tours.

Kingfisher Tours have been operating for 8 years in the Kimberley and we have created unique products that allow our guests to immerse themselves in the stunning landscape, while soaking up the ancient knowledge of Kingfisher’s traditional custodian guides who share the rich and diverse history of the Kimberley Region; the stories of the land and the Dreamtime are experiences that are not forgotten.

On our ground tours, you are welcomed the Kimberley way, with our local Aboriginal guides who make you known to the ancestors of the land with a traditional welcome to country, before enjoying some billy tea and freshly made damper. Our ground tours boast local produce and some bush tucker for lunches, with local beers from Spinifex Beer, try the lemon myrtle beer and enjoy fresh mango jams and chutneys from the local farms. Your guides will also point out local bush tucker and medicinal flora in the area.

For those of our guests indulging in our overnight packages, your accommodation will be in APT’s luxury wilderness lodges in the Bungles and on the North Coast, and we have a stunning private Lodge 20km from Kununurra or partnerships with hotel accommodation for those guests who wish to stay within the township.