Aboriginal Art Experience Highlights

Aboriginal Art Experience Highlights

Discover the rich diversity of Aboriginal and Torres Strait  Islander art, from the walls of ancient caves to the walls of modern galleries and everywhere in between.  You will find art as diverse as the Australian landscape.  From the intricate Rarrk work of Arnhem Land and the iconic dot paintings from Papaunya to the majestic watercolours from Hermannsburg to emblematic concentric diamond patterns of South Eastern Australia.  Take a deep dive into an immersive pool of experiences that will bring you so much closer to understanding the stories and skills behind producing these works of art.

We have put together a collection of exceptional Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander art experiences right across Australia. These experiences will let you get your hands dirty in a masterclass, hear the intriguing stories behind the artworks, discover ancient masterpieces and vibrant contemporary work.

Ku-ring-gai National Park Rock Art Tour
Discover rock art right on Sydney’s doorstep at World Heritage-listed Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park with Guringai Aboriginal Tours. On the Ku-ring-gai National Park Rock Art Tour you will visit sites with stencil art and sandstone engravings, these sites are listed in the top 10 Australian Aboriginal rock art sites! 

Art Workshop with Kate Constantine
Not often are people allowed into an artist’s studio. Join award-winning contemporary Aboriginal artist Kate Constantine for an intimate and immersive art experience in the Byron Bay region of New South Wales. Kate will open her studio doors to you to delve more deeply into a love of both colour, line, form and Aboriginal culture.

Mount Yengo Full Day Tour
Explore World Heritage Listed Yengo National Park and experience two large and highly culturally significant rock art sites at Finchy Trig:  the Map Site and Turkey Site. Hear the little lore stories associated with the sites and why Mount Yengo is sacred to Aboriginal people of NSW as Uluru is to the central desert people.

Two Day Daintree Aboriginal Art and Survival
Visit Janbal Aboriginal Art Gallery, a special place where you will experience Aboriginal art and culture through hands-on painting and storytelling. Join Binna a local Aboriginal man for a painting masterclass right in the rainforest. Hear the stories, and cultural meaning behind the artworks as well as how how Aboriginal people survived in this piece of paradise.

Pamagirri Mini Mob
A rainforest art experience specifically designed for children. On the Pamagirri Mini Mob experience kids will take part in a didgeridoo lesson and learn how to make the sounds and an introduction to cyclical breathing. The highlight is the children be given their own didgeridoo to paint, practice on and take home.

Discover Narana - Guided Cultural Tour
The Narana Art Gallery is nestled amongst native trees, walkways and gardens, with your Aboriginal guide wander through the beautiful grounds to the art gallery. The NaranaArt Gallery showcases a variety of traditional and modern art from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people from all over Australia. Your guide will illuminate the stories behind the artworks as well as key elements of local Aboriginal culture and history.

Waringarri Art Centre Tour
This is a unique opportunity to see art through the eyes of the Warringarri artists. Engage and be inspired by the artists and experience the meaning behind their artworks as you watch them painting in their own studios. During the tour you will also experience a 'mantha' (traditional welcome), learn about "ngarrangarni" (Dreamtime) stories and understand contemporary Aboriginal histories.

Rock Art Tour, Murujuga National Park
Murujuga National Park has the highest concentration of rock art in the world. Your guide, Clinton Walker, is a descendent of the of the regions Traditional Owners and will immerse you in the history, culture and stories behind these artworks. The rock art has been dated back to before the ice age and is over 40,000 years old. There is up to 1 million rock art images scattered across the entire Burrup Peninsula and Dampier Archipelago.

Northern Territory Arts Trail
Discover ancient masterpieces and contemporary works, get your hands dirty in a masterclass and hear the intriguing stories behind the artworks on the Northern Territory Arts Trail. There are over 30 experiences available in the Northern Territory uncover them all here.

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